Our Favorite Sites

OK. Why did I include a page like this?  Because I use these sites routinely.  Makes it easier for me to get to the sites I want by having them all in the same place.  This page will change depending on how I use the sites listed.

Arizona Lottery - I need to keep up on how my retirement investments are doing.

Google - Look it up...

Google Maps - Sometimes I need to actually get directions...

Airlines - Southwest Airlines,  US Airways,  Allegiant Airlines    Super Shuttle

Shopping -    Home Depot    Lowes    Costco

Hotels - Marriott   Holiday Inn Express

Dining Out (in AZ) - Before you go to the restaurant that your buddy or co-worker told you about, check the newly recommended restaurant here.  Some of my favorite restaurants are owned by Sam Fox.  You can find his restaurants here.

Entertainment - Harkins Theaters    Foxs RV Park Resort (Parker, AZ)

Weather - Weather Underground

Web Cams - North Dakota   Reno

Commodity Prices - Metals Oil & Gas