Welding Cart

Cooler for my TIG torch.  Built this little gem for less than $100.  Lots of Ebay scrounging

My Projects

Band Saw Modification

Got hold of an upright band saw at a garage sale.  Put a new blade on it and it worked fine.  After using the saw for a while, I wanted to have more versatility from the saw.  I wanted to cut light gauge steel and aluminum.  Put on a metal cutting blade and tried it.  Big mistake!  Burned the new blade up. I forgot that metal cutting blades cannot run as fast as wood cutting blades.  Now what to do?  How was I going to slow the saw down to use metal cutting blades and then speed it back up for the wood cutting blades?  I thought about different size motor or saw drive belt sheaves.  Way too much hassel. 

I finally decided on using a variable speed motor.  Found a DC motor and drive on eBay.  The motor fit the base plate perfectly!  All I had to do was move the drive sheave from the old motor to the DC motor.  Now I have a variable speed bands saw!  All the belt guards worked with no modifications.

Built drawers for my workbench