DIY or Busted Knuckle


Rule #1 - Buy pianos moved, wallpaper hung and concrete poured!



Never did care much for painting, so not a lot of tips, but here is a pretty good tip.

OK, so you just finished that painting project.  You put the lid back on the can, smack it with a hammer and what happens?  That paint that was left in the sealing ring around the top of the can had just enough paint left in to to spray out and land on something that wasn't covered, the carpet, different color wall or that freshly gouted tile floor.  Next time after you open the paint can, take a hammer and a nail and drive holes around the bottom of the sealing ring for the lid.  About every 1-1/2 inches apart will do.  Now when you dip and wipe your brush, the excess paint caught in the sealing ring will drip back into the paint can.  Makes the sealing ring a snap to clean out before you put the lid back on.

Buy one of those paper-taper gadgets at your local home improvement store.  You know, the plastic gadget that holds a roll of paper and applies tape to the edge of the paper so you can mask off the areas that in theory are not to be painted.  It will be a few bucks well spent.

Paint Removal - OK. So you have just moved a piece of furniture into your current abode.  On the way through the door and around a corner your new Ethan Allen table gets rubbed on a wall or door jamb.  Now you have a nice stripe on your table to match the wall.  Well, the wall can be painted if necessary but how do you get the stripe off the table?  Easy.  If there is a woman in the house there is a good chance that she will have a plastic pump spray bottle of hair spray.  That hair spray and a soft cloth will remove the stripe from the table.  DON'T use the aerosol type hair spray!  Aerosol type hair spray is for sealing the terminals on your car battery after you clean them to keep them from corroding again.  Paint remover and battery sealer and you women put this on your hair!  No wonder women need to make so many trips to the hairdresser.  I know I just made a LOT of friends with that last statement.

Canadian Money Sorter - If you ever find yourself up in the great white north and wind up spending some of your hard earned money, our friends up there will ALWAYS give you change in the coin of the local realm.  Dosen't matter if you gave them American money, your change will be in Canuk currency.  Now you have a pocket full or dish full of coins from both countries when you get home and need to sort it out.  Here is the easy way.  Get a magnet, stick it in the dish of assorted coins.  The Canadian coins will stick to the magnet, even if they look like they shouldn't, they will.  Canadian coins are plated steel.  Now that you have the coins separated, you can spend the US currency.  I still haven't figured out what to do with the coins that stuck to the magnet.

Spare Tires - No, not the one around your belt line.  If you are one of the fortunate people that have a real tire and wheel for a spare, you NEED one of these gadgets.  Go to the RV store and get a spare tire inflator hose. The RV stores are the only place that I have seen these gadgets other than the web.  After you have it hooked up, checking the air pressure in your spare tire is easier than checking the air pressure in your other tires.  You only need this thing to save your butt one time to appreciate the cost of it.

New Drivers and Flats - As long as I am on the subject of spare tires, do you have a new driver in your household?  Do them and yourself a favor by making them change a tire on the car that they will be driving.  Do it in the driveway to keep the situation controlled and everyone safe.  Offer advice to them, but make them do it themselves!  After you see what type of problems they have, you may want to invest in things like a 4-way lug wrench, a ground blanket or a new jack.  Yes, they WILL piss and moan about having to do this, but after they do, you both will feel better knowing that if they have to change a flat tire, that they can do it.

Lifted Trucks and Flat Tires - On my way to work the other day I saw an individual on the side of the road with a flat tire.  He was driving a lifted 4WD pickup.  Nice tires and wheels, good looking truck.  He was standing beside his truck with a wimpy little jack in one hand and his cell phone in the other and a really miserable look on his face.  Guys, if you are going to lift your truck, make sure that your jack is adequate for the task.